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June 20, 2006

Offline AIM messaging

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We need a gaim plugin that can buffer messages sent to logged-off users, sending them when the user comes back online. The problem here is that you would need gaim (well thats not realy a problem), but moreover that the sender’s gaim must be running when the destination sn signs on…

Another option is to make a proxy aim server that is transparent except in the case of logged off users, in which case it buffers the messages for a period of time. Feedback as to the status of these offline messages can be communicated to the sender via a bot. This is better than the plugin option because then anyone (even those without gaim !) can use the service. However, protocol glitches between the proxy and the real aim servers could be an issue, as well as forwarding as another user. Also, this server would require someone’s bandwidth.

Case in point:

Conversation with Paris on Mon 19 Jun 2006 10:38:02 PM EDT:
(09:38:04 PM) navaburo: hey
(09:38:31 PM) Paris: hold on
(09:38:36 PM) navaburo: how are you treating your brain this summer? http://webcast.berkeley.edu/

(09:41:21 PM) Paris: ???
(09:42:34 PM) navaburo: tonight i was web surfing and stubleuponed a physics lecture webcast
(09:43:25 PM) navaburo: so i spent an hour watching this lecture on semi-conductors, wave-particle quantum theory, radioactivity, cats, freewill, and a lot of other interesting stuff
(09:43:48 PM) Paris has signed off.
(09:44:34 PM) navaburo: finding that i allready knew alot of the electronics stuff, i began abscent-mindedly drawing with charcoal at the same time to occupy my mind.
(09:44:34 PM) Unable to send message: Not logged in
(09:45:52 PM) navaburo: when the lecture concluded I sat for a moment, very pensive. I felt smarter.
(09:45:52 PM) Unable to send message: Not logged in
(09:47:24 PM) navaburo: Wanting to share my joy with my brother I walked into the livingroom where I found him watching a tv show about celebrety marages and how quickly they broke up. Mike Tyson and some chick were pictured on tv next to eachother discussing their problems in cliches.
(09:47:25 PM) Unable to send message: Not logged in
(09:48:12 PM) navaburo: It was then that I came to the realization that in that same hour, I had taken a step forward in my enlightenment, and my brother had unfortunately stepped in the oppisate direction
(09:48:12 PM) Unable to send message: Not logged in
(09:48:35 PM) navaburo: ooooo… and it makes me wonder
(09:48:35 PM) Unable to send message: Not logged in


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