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December 18, 2006

PICRoboSim Simulator update

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I did write that robot simulator I was talking about a few posts ago. The simulator was useful in programming the actual robot, and just looked awsome. I created a nice webpage for it here.
The simulator has been used to help programmers get a feel for writing robotics algorithms, as a program test-bed, and for gathering statistical data on program performance.
Currently it only runs on WinXP and will thrash any non-SMP machine because it heavily relies on mulithreading (student code runs un-checked as a second thread! ahhh!).
If anyone pays me to work on the project (summer research?), I would rewrite the program bootstrapper, which hooks the student’s C code up to the rest of the simulation, to use a C-interpreter (like CInt) so that the application wont thrash older, single-core machines, and will be more easily portable. Additionaly, interpreted code would mean code could be loaded at runtime, so the student doest need to compile the whole simulator togeather. The code could even be viewed running line-by-line in a side window, with break-points and stuff. It could even _modified_ at runtime, which may be a great learning tool for newish programmers. That is, if i get payed to code that! This simulator already has many free (gratis) hours in it… I hope people find it useful.


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