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August 25, 2007

Graphics in Brainfuck using bfsdl

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Who says you cannot do graphics with brainfuck?

My interpreter, bfsdl, executes standard brainfuck code with a twist: the memory space doubles as video memory. It can be used either to visualize the execution of a program or to draw graphics to the screen.

Here is a box drawing program half way through erasing a box:

interpreter C source code
box drawing brainfuck program

Thanks Matthias Schmidt for the base interpreter!


August 16, 2007

YaCy crawl of this site

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At the suggestion of some IRCers I tried the open source, p2p web search and crawling tool YaCy. I have to say I am impressed with the features and the speed of the web crawl.

Here is the visual result of a web crawl of hotwigati.blogspot.com:

And an action shot of the crawl:

The exciting new feature in YaCy is the ability to distribute the web crawling among many peers resulting in fast and extensive crawls.

Of course there are privacy and security concerns. The software is Java-based, reducing the risk of exploitation, but there still remains the ‘risk’ of having your IP in the logs of sites crawled by anonymous peers through your machine.

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