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September 17, 2007

Astroflug – astroids squared

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What happens when you take the classic Astroids game, remove the asteroids, add 50 enemy ships, and independantly simulate the trajectory of each particle of ammunition? You get Astroflug – a rather addictive though simple arcade game. There are four levels of difficulty: beginner, intermediate, advanced, and epic. Windows and Linux binaries and sources can be gotten here. It is written using SDL, so you will need SDL.dll in C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\ or just in the same directory as astroflug.exe on Windows or install the libSDL12 and libSDL12-dev packages on your favorite Linux flavor.
Perhaps the coolest feature of Astroflug is that for each particle or enemy ship in the game a force is calculated and applied with respect to every other particle. That is, everything interacts with each other in a physical way. The result is very smooth-feeling immersive gameplay.

(a typical snapshot of an Astroflug session)

When you start to get pwned you can use a bomb blast that fires all your ammo at once in every direction. It is fun to watch how the shock-wave reacts to and wraps around the enemy ships.

(using the bomb blast)
(getting overrun)

(once your ammo “cools down” it gravitates back towards your ship!)
(interesting behavior is seen when enemy ships are told to attack each other!)

Have fun with this one. I will post any updates here (hopefully including a parallelized version).

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