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February 11, 2008

Penny Opto-recognition Software

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Penny Opto-recognition Software (POS) is my first excursion into optical image recognition. It is a software program which reads images from any Video4Linux-supported webcam and processes the image to discover the positions of several pennies within the field of view. A geometric representation of the recognized positions is displayed on the screen. Also recognized is a red translucent spoon which is used as a pointer to both digitally and physically manipulate the pennies.

The video is quite self-explanatory:

For the bandwidth-impaired, here are some photos of the system in action:

front view

side view

top view
Source code may be found here: https://guinness.cs.stevens-tech.edu/~cmerck/camera_hacks/
The pennyfix.c file is the one demonstrated here.
The camhacks.c file is an improvement of the peep-hole camera software. More on that in an upcoming post.

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